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Provider Portal

The provider portal is a physician-centric site specifically designed for physicians by physicians that streamlines and simplifies provider workflow. It implements pathways for clinical encounters based on international standards and guidelines and provides a concise digital version of the patient’s chart. The portal includes features for managing visits, clinical notes, and the patient chart. Providers are able to view and manage current and historical visits in a single screen allowing for easy navigation of patient visit history, structured data forms and progress notes.

Patient Portal

The patient portal provides a secure and accessible interface designed to fulfill the specific needs of the patient who has registered an account with our practice. The portal has features to empower the patient to oversee their whole care coordination process. It provides online access to services offered by our practice to allow patients to initiate appointment requests, submit their case files, and coordinate with providers through telemedicine video visits to streamline the diagnosis process. Our practice patient portal enables patients to track their schedules and treatment plans online as well as receive and track results online. It also provides a HIPPA-compliant and customized patient communications platform to engage in real time communications with nurse practitioners, administrative staff and providers in a highly structured and organized manner. The patient portal consists of the following sections:

  • My profile
  • My Health Record (PHR)
  • My Orders
  • My Results
  • My Prescriptions
  • My Communications
  • My Appointments
  • My Diagnosis and Treatment Plans
  • Patient Education

Facility Portal

The facility portal enables independent facilities such as nursing homes to request telemedicine and in-patient visit appointments. The system provides a separate login for each facility to manage their patients and appointment calendar.

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